Latex Sensation – 7 Zone Mattress

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100 percent pure organic latex made up of seven zone latex core in single construction without joints.

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Latosleep Sensation – 7 Zone Mattress
Available thickness- 6  and 8 inches
Specification-  100 percent pure organic latex made up of seven zone latex core in single construction without joints.
Advantages –  used for back pain relief, spinal cord issues, cervical support.
Warranty : 15 years
AloeFresh Technology
100% Natural Latex
Bacteria Free
Environent Friendly

Latosleep Sensation Benefits

Happiness.. Luxury.. Protection and More..

Comfort & support together.

Our Seven zone latex mattress, The Sensation series is made to adjust to your body. It gives maximum comfort and protection to your body.

Aloe Fresh Technology

Latosleep latex core is specially treated with Aloe vera, which help prevent fungus & bacteria and gives long lasting freshness. This special treatment also helps to protect the mattress from any bad odor.

Breathable & Temperature Neutral

The natural open-cell structure of latex enhances airflow, making it very breathable. Latex mattresses are also punctured with small pinholes throughout, creating even more ways for air and heat to escape; increased airflow means a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Natural and Sustainable

First and foremost, Latoseep latex mattresses are a clean, green alternative to innerspring mattresses and memory foam, giving Mother Nature much-needed rest. Many mattresses contain harsh chemicals, such as the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) common in memory foam. On the other hand, organic latex uses only raw materials, with no fillers added.


Latosleep Latex Mattress is great for anyone who suffers from allergies because the material is inhospitable to dust mites, mildew, and mold. A hypoallergenic mattress offers multiple health benefits like alleviating allergy symptoms and providing less chemical exposure. Oftentimes, mattresses may be treated with certain chemicals to prevent bacteria and other infestations. This can lead to other health issues like respiratory problems and off-gassing.

What is inside Latosleep Sensation Luxury Latex Mattress

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